diligent for the energy industry

Enhance Innovation & Make Data-Driven Decisions

As the energy industry grapples with evolving regulations, fluctuating prices and increased focus on sustainability, having the right data at the right time has never been more critical. Deftly manage risks, keep up with ESG regulations and make agile decisions with Diligent.

  • Monitor, manage and mitigate risks from one platform
  • Collect, benchmark, analyse and report on ESG data
  • Streamline and protect board and executive collaboration
  • Easily manage entities and subsidiaries
  • Automate audits and create a culture of compliance
  • Drive innovation with actionable market and competitor insights
Make Strategic, Data-Driven Decisions
Access real-time risk, industry, competitor and reputational data. Protect executive and board communications and meeting materials. Align executive compensation to strategic initiatives and stakeholder expectations. Easily manage subsidiaries, automate workflows and securely share files.
Demonstrate Progress on ESG Goals
Meet and exceed stakeholders’ ESG expectations. Track and benchmark initiatives against internal and external ESG  frameworks. Collect and analyse ESG data from thousands of sources across the supply chain. Create customisable dashboards and audit-ready reports for executives, regulators and shareholders.
Streamline & Centralise Risk Management
Access all your risk management data and activities in a single platform. Automate risk workflows to eliminate errors, save on costs and recoup time. Easily screen vendors and third parties. Identify and manage threats, and generate custom dashboards and reports. 
Build an Ethical, Compliant Culture From the Inside Out
Create a transparent, speak-up culture of ethical decision-making. Automate compliance monitoring, testing and reporting. Ensure regulatory compliance across the enterprise, in all your operating jurisdictions. Run robust anti-fraud and anti-bribery programs from one platform. 
Turn Audit Into a Strategic Advantage
Centralise and automate audit management. Align audit to the highest-priority risks and deliver continuous assurance across the entire organisation. Access built-in best practices, and track KPIs and KRIs in real time. Speed up reviews and maintain a complete audit trail across your supply chain. 

Capabilities to Meet Your Business Needs

Modern Governance
Digitise board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.
Diligent ESG
Accelerate and improve the collection, monitoring and reporting of ESG metrics and sustainability data.
Modern Risk
Integrate risk management activities in a single platform. Eliminate errors, save time and save costs.
Modern Compliance
Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs. 
Modern Audit
Drive efficiency across audit workflows with built-in best practices, time-saving automation and enhanced reporting.

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