Modern governance is the next frontier of digital transformation

Governance is not an area of business that has been historically associated with digital transformation. And has typically certainly has not been what companies first turn to when they embark on digitisation programmes.

Covid-19 has been a driving force for change, however. As a major accelerator of digital transformation across organisations, the pandemic has forced board directors and legal professionals to work remotely, relying entirely on digital tools to carry out their duties.

This special report, brought you by Raconteur in the The Times, discusses the disruptions to the economy have put the spotlight onto business transformation. According to Gartner (2020) 87% of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a company priority. However, research has shown that 70% of business transformations fail. It is clear that businesses need to act by improving their approach to transformation, in order to survive during future crises. This report will discuss key themes within business transformation in a holistic approach, outlining how a business can significantly improve and succeed in their transformation journey.

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