Provide Peace of Mind to Executives

Give executives and control owners immediate visibility into SOX, UK SOX or J-SOX compliance status.

  • Keep your executive team up-to-date with tools to monitor and manage your SOX program
  • Quickly share audit results and key areas of risk with one-click reporting
  • Notify internal stakeholders as issues arise with one-click reporting capabilities
Boost Productivity, Save Time & Increase Assurance

Make it easy for your team to adopt best practices and get more done in less time, while still delivering at-a-glance visibility to executives.

  • Drive consistency across controls with pre-built SOX templates and frameworks
  • More efficiently manage your program by centralizing SOX, UK SOX and J-SOX management
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and duplication by working from a single source of truth
Avoid Costly Noncompliance Penalties

Spot issues early and remediate them quickly, before they result in fines and penalties.

Save Resources While Keeping SOX On Track
Enable strategic decision-making with fewer resources through automated workflows, plug-and-play dashboards and more. See Diligent in action.

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