Modern Governance

(n.) The practice of empowering leaders with the technology, insights, and processes required to fuel good governance.

What Does it Mean to Have a Governance Deficit?

Lack of Data

Leaders don’t have the right information at the right time to ask the right questions.

Lack of Visibility

Leaders lack visibility from multiple vantage points: into the company, across the industry, and into the future.

Lack of Security

Leaders lack the tools to communicate, collaborate, and share sensitive data securely.

Introducing Modern Governance

Modern governance addresses core issues of speed, visibility and security by putting the necessary tools and intelligence at the fingertips of today’s board members and executives. What does it mean to respond in real-time? Here’s a glimpse of good governance at the speed of business…

What Does a Modern Governance Solution Look Like?

Seamless integration within a single product suite.

Modern governance solutions bring together historically disparate tools into one secure product suite. Board materials, voting and resolutions, evaluations, collaboration tools, document sharing, committee intelligence, candidate search, entity management—all these tools and features work together to enable seamless management and reporting.

Real-time insights and predictive analytics.

Better data leads to better questions, particularly at the committee level. Modern governance solutions empower today’s boards with peer group comparison, reputation monitoring and succession planning tools. High-performing boards have access to the same data their investors and proxy advisors use to anticipate likely shareholder-voting actions.

Secure communication and collaboration tools.

Too often, board members default to unsecure communication methods (e.g., personal email) due to lack of alternatives or convenience. Modern governance solutions are designed to support the way board members work, especially on-the-go. Secure messaging, file sharing and notifications extend across tablet, phone and laptop to enable access and collaboration anytime, anywhere.

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