Deliver Visibility Into Your Third-Party Risk Landscape

Access a real-time overview of your organization’s entire third-party risk posture.

  • Empower executives to make data-driven decisions with ready-to-use storyboard visualizations and reports
  • Swiftly identify and prioritize your riskiest third parties
  • Prevent costly data breaches and reputational and financial damage

Minimize the Cost of Managing Third-Party Risk at Scale

Unify the third-party, vendor and supplier risk process within a single program.
  • Save time by replacing siloed, manual processes with automated workflows 
  • Speed up time-to-contract by integrating third-party data across departments and systems
  • Reduce the time to assess third-party risk
Compliance management software solution by Diligent
Increase the Resilience of Your Third-Party Risk Program

Easily scale up your third-party risk program as your organization adapts to changing business, regulatory and risk landscapes.

  • Assess, manage and remediate risk across your organization’s entire inventory of third parties
  • Classify active third parties based on business impact and potential risk
  • Prioritize assessment and remediation efforts to quickly engage with critical risk

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