single source of truth

Centralize the Corporate Record

Keep entities and subsidiaries in good standing by centralizing data in a single, enterprise-wide source of truth.

  • Enhance data security
  • Eliminate version misalignment
  • Reduce data-retrieval time

See how Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent securely centralizes your corporate record. 

Secure Document Centralization & Reporting
“What I love is having one place for all our documents. Since it’s paperless, you can go in, look around and get the information you need quickly. I can quickly run reports and provide that information to people all over the world. It’s helped with keeping private information secure and in the right hands.”

Pamela Sargent

Corporate Compliance Manager,

Easily Manage a Comprehensive Corporate Record

Centralize, structure and manage the corporate record, so your organization remains compliant, mitigates risks and improves decision-making.

  • Store subsidiary information, documents and organizational charts in a central location accessible by business units
  • Use calendars, reminders and workflows to keep entities in good standing
  • Simplify regulatory filing without sacrificing security
Diligent Entity Management Solution
Diligent Entity Management Solution
Diligent Board Management Solution

Key results on the impact of Diligent Entities include:

  • 318% ROI and $880K NPV over three years
  • 90% cost reduction on day 1 in outsourced entity management work
  • 70% time savings in data gathering, entry and management related to entities
  • 65% reduction in time spent preparing for external entity reporting events
  • 85% time savings in addressing entity data-related requests from other departments

The Forrester Total Economic Impact of
Diligent Entities

Diligent commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Diligent Entities for legal entity and subsidiary governance.

Diligent Entity Management Solution
Empower Cross-Functional Collaboration

Give legal, tax, finance, audit, accounting, HR and other departments the ability to surface the data they need, when they need it.

  • Analyze the impacts of M&A and geographic expansion with group structure visualizations
  • See quick snapshots of the most important data with customizable dashboards
  • Control access with secure data rooms, permission settings and seamless multiplatform integrations

Operate From One Trusted Data Source Across the Organization
Keep all your entities and subsidiaries in good standing with one centralized source of truth.
See Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent in action.


Transform Entity Governance with Diligent

Alltech experienced many benefits after bringing on Diligent Entities, such as improved reporting, organization, security and group structure charting. "[Diligent] makes it easier to have one storage place for all of our documents,” says Pamela Sargent, a Corporate Compliance Manager with Alltech. "We also have policies and procedures for making Entities so people know what steps need to be taken [and] who to contact." Learn how Alltech is able to achieve higher levels of governance with Diligent Entities.

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Support Strategic Growth
Position your company for mergers, acquisitions, expansion or divestiture by speeding up due diligence.
Efficiency at Scale
Utilize automation to reduce administrative burdens and allow your team to operate more efficiently.
Diligent ESG
Accelerate and improve the collection, monitoring and reporting of ESG standards, metrics and sustainability data. 
Collaboration & Self Service
Streamline data delivery and retrieval, so users can access the information they need, when they need it.

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