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Increasing competition, supply chain disruptions and changing buying habits mean retailers must have an integrated view of governance, risk and compliance. With Diligent, retailers can rapidly innovate and quickly make data-driven decisions.

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Digitally transform governance practices

Easily manage entities and subsidiaries with centralized records, automated workflows and secure file sharing. Digitize and protect board and leadership meeting materials. Access real-time industry, competitor and reputational data. Align executive compensation to strategic initiatives and stakeholder expectations.

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Image of Make demonstrable progress on ESG

Make demonstrable progress on ESG

Meet consumers’ ESG expectations. Track and benchmark initiatives against internal and external ESG frameworks. Collect and analyze sustainability data from thousands of sources across your value and supply chains. Create customizable, audit-ready reports for leaders, regulators and shareholders.

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Centralize & streamline risk management

Access all your risk management data and activities in a single platform. Automate risk workflows to eliminate errors, save on costs and regain time. Easily screen vendors and third parties, manage cyber threats to build consumer trust, and generate custom dashboards and reports.

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Image of Build an ethical, compliant culture from the inside out

Build an ethical, compliant culture from the inside out

Ensure regulatory compliance in all your operating jurisdictions. Run robust anti-fraud and anti-bribery programs from one platform. Create an ethical, transparent employee culture with powerful micro-learning content. Automate compliance monitoring, testing and reporting.

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Image of Provide assurance across the organization

Provide assurance across the organization

Turn audit into a trusted advisor by centralizing and automating audit management, and align audits to the highest-priority risks. Access built-in best practices. Track KPIs and KRIs in real time. Deliver continuous assurance across the enterprise, speed up reviews and maintain a complete audit trail.

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Kingfisher is the world's third-largest home improvement retail group. Deputy Company Secretary David Morris details how they standardized and simplified the creation and distribution of board materials – and the benefits that came alongside that.

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