How to Strategically Modernize Your Policy Management

Ross Pounds

As governance, risk and compliance requirements continue to evolve, optimizing your organization’s policy management is critical. Effective policy management requires strategic navigation across hundreds to thousands of policies and evolving regulations.

One key to staying ahead of requirements is ensuring your policy management program has these critical features: 

  • Centralized repository for all documents 

  • Full configurability for unique business requirements

  • Definable review cycles and repeatable standard processes

  • Automatic tracking of revisions and versions

  • Coordination of everyone involved in the process

  • Single location for capturing data such as the document owner, review frequency, tags, cross-reference to other documents and resources, and more

  • Direct support for multiple language versions of documents 

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Policy Management 

As you set goals to address these functional requirements, how do you reach your envisioned state for policy strategy? It’s important to modernize your policy management step-by-step, setting attainable objectives to help you move forward.

View our step-by-step guide based on a recent OCEG roundtable discussion to help you maximize your management strategy.

Policy Management Step-By-Step

Simplify with Diligent Policy Management  

Having nimble and effective policy management program is critical amidst ever-changing regulatory environments. Give your team the ability to review, create, deploy and administer new policies quickly and seamlessly with the powerful Diligent Policy Management solution

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