Rethinking Communications: 5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Compliance Communications


Do you fear your employees are growing tired of seeing the same old messages delivered in the same predictable way, year after year? It may be time to give your compliance training a refresh.

By applying a 'best practices' approach to your internal communications, you can inject fresh, new life into your company’s compliance training and deliver content that your employees will engage with and remember.

In this white paper, we explore five ways to increase the effectiveness of your compliance communications. These include:

  • Trying other methods besides "traditional" e-learning
  • Taking a more holistic approach to your communications program
  • Creating a simple plan that reinforces key messages
  • Structuring your messages into short, powerful bursts
  • Leveraging simple behavior change principles 

Download the white paper to learn how these best practices can help you reduce costs while garnering increased employee commitment over the long term.