Leading With Purpose Workbook: Reconnecting With Your Why

Leading with purpose: It’s a challenge to do effectively during the best of times, and for those representing and working in local government and education, these are far from the best of times. The COVID pandemic and political and cultural conflicts have created new demands on systems and processes that already were under a microscope, relief has been intermittent, and burnout among participants is real. This likely sounds familiar to you. You may be teetering into the burnout phase, if not already toppled. You’re looking for a way to reorient yourself to contribute and succeed in our new reality.

In this workbook you will:

  • Reconnect with your Why
  • Draft a personal mission statement
  • Analyze your personal strengths and growth opportunities
  • Create a roadmap for aligning your personal mission with your work

Wherever you are in the journey, you — your purpose, your vision, your actions — are needed. Use this Leading With Purpose Workbook to connect or reconnect with your ideals and effect the transformation you want to see in your community.