More than a board portal

Diligent Boards stands out as the top choice for board software, with its advanced features for decision-making, governance streamlining, and innovative committee reporting—providing a distinct advantage for those seeking a cutting-edge solution for their board management software needs.


Streamline governance

Increase efficiency and risk mitigation by streamlining your governance workstreams. Discover how you can move your corporate record from static spreadsheets and information requests to a self-service entity management system.


Manage risks proactively

Enterprise risks need to be more than identified, they need to be mitigated and managed. Help your general counsel stand up your enterprise risk management program and confidently report up to your board every quarter.


Future-proof your board

If you're seeking a partner for the future, one that can help you grow and consolidate while taking advantage of economies of scale, then look no further than Diligent Boards as the gateway to achieving your goals.

Key features that set Diligent Boards apart

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Closed-loop meeting cycle

To eliminate security vulnerabilities in email and file sharing, sensitive document collaboration, version control, and leadership communications must be contained within a secure system with easily manageable permissions. Diligent Boards' integrated Data Rooms and purpose-built Board Messaging app provide end-to-end security and protect privileged access from document creation to publishing.

Emergency communication
In the event of a breach in the organization's network, an alternative mode of immediate communication is imperative. A dependable option for emergency communications and contingency planning is the widely-utilized Board Messaging app.

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Director adoption

Diligent boasts an impressive adoption rate of over 700,000 directors who value its online and offline user experience, personalized concierge training, efficient navigation, dependable performance, seamless login process, and adherence to ADA compliance standards.

Admin flexibility

Effortlessly manage permissions, quickly upload large files, seamlessly make last-minute adjustments while retaining director notes, stay up-to-date with automatic agenda updates, and protect your content with user-based watermarking through the flexible administration features.

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External software integrations

Integrations ought to be given priority over isolated solutions, as evidenced by Diligent's remarkable collection of GRC solutions. Our integrated ecosystem includes a wide range of popular platforms, including DocuSign, Zoom, MS Teams, MS365, and over 140 APIs, such as Oracle HCIS, NetSuite, and Workday.

Nextgen committee reporting

With the aid of Diligent Boards' advanced committee reporting feature, the audit and risk management committees can now obtain pre-formatted risk reports on topics such as cybersecurity, climate, talent, and audit, resulting in a notable reduction in the workload of committees and the need for data curation.

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More software solutions to enhance governance practices

Image of Entity & policy management

Entity & policy management

Our entity management tool serves as a singular source of truth for ensuring compliance with CTA regulations. In addition, we offer robust organizational structure charting capabilities. We also provide policy management and compliance training to ensure that your organization remains up-to-date with industry standards.

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Image of Carbon accounting

Carbon accounting

Diligent provides a sophisticated solution that simplifies the calculation of emissions and facilitates reporting on scope 1, 2, and 3, ultimately saving money on consultant fees.

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Image of Enterprise risk management

Enterprise risk management

Diligent's ERM software enables the swift identification, assessment, and remediation of risks in both Enterprise and IT domains. Its real-time functionality allows for prompt mitigation of risks, while also providing support for reporting on IT risk and compliance as per request.

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Image of Audit management

Audit management

Our software aids in the automation of internal audit and control systems for financial reporting, incorporating top-of-the-line continuous monitoring and analytics capabilities.

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Your roadmap to modern governance with Diligent

If your aim is to acquire a vendor that specializes in a single function and are open to incorporating another silo later on, we may not be the most suitable option. However, if you are contemplating future challenges and wish to collaborate with a partner who can help you

consolidate and expand,

take advantage of economies of scale,

prepare for the future to get an edge over competitors,

then Diligent is the ideal partner, and Boards serves as the entry point.


De-risking legal processes

Many of our new clients opt for Diligent Boards as a means to streamline their board process, from initiation to completion, by creating a safe and user-friendly platform. Similarly, Diligent Entities is used to transition entity management from spreadsheet use to a unified and dependable resource.


Consolidating audit and risk programs

By collaborating with us, our clients aim to overcome organizational barriers and enhance cross-functional cooperation to tackle enterprise risk, IT risk, climate risk, audit, and IT compliance. They recognize that fortifying their business against future challenges offers a distinct competitive edge by generating value.


Gaining a decision advantage

Diligent stands out from other platforms by offering the capability to deliver real-time risk data and analytics to Boards through customized reports, which are easily comprehensible by the CEO and directors. As per feedback from the directors, managing emerging risks is becoming increasingly challenging and they require management to offer more transparency.

Embark on a journey to modern governance with Diligent

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