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CRICO relies on Diligent Boards to provide secure data and document access to its directors and legal team

October 16, 2023
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Professionals discussing a successful Diligent Boards implementation

Before adopting Diligent Boards, CRICO faced significant challenges with their mixed digital and paper-based processes, which were not only resource-intensive but also posed security risks. Compliance Program Manager Jermaine Joynes prioritized creating a centralized, secure environment for all board-related documents and data, ensuring that directors had access to the most current information. This shift was crucial, especially when the organization needed to quickly adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Background: Overcoming legacy processes with Diligent Boards for better data management

CRICO's initial reliance on outdated methods for managing board materials — such as physical copies and unsecured digital formats — made information storage and retrieval cumbersome and insecure. The transition to Diligent Boards marked a significant shift, providing a unified space for data that supported better governance practices and met the high standards of security and compliance required in the healthcare and insurance sectors.

The solution: Enhancing governance and efficiency through digital transformation

With the backing of senior leadership, Joynes led the initiative to overhaul CRICO’s board management processes by implementing Diligent Boards. This digital transformation not only facilitated easier access to information for directors but also streamlined the overall meeting experience, aligning with the organization's goals for improved operational efficiency and governance.

The results: Achieving agility and compliance in governance with Diligent Boards

The adoption of Diligent Boards has enabled CRICO to become more agile, particularly in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The platform has supported remote board meetings, streamlined voting processes, and improved document retention and compliance. This digital approach has been instrumental in managing the growing volume of information and maintaining robust governance practices, which are critical for the organization's ongoing success.


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