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GAM 2024: Your gateway to networking, learning and growth

March 5, 2024
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internal auditors networking at the 2024 General Audit Management conference

The 2024 General Audit Management (GAM) conference is rapidly approaching, and with it comes a unique opportunity for internal auditors to connect, learn and grow within the profession.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting your internal audit journey, GAM, presented by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), offers invaluable experiences tailored to your needs.

"GAM is an invaluable opportunity for internal auditors to get ahead of the curve, connect with peers and learn from industry experts,” said Michael Levy, CEO and Managing Principal of Cherry Hill Advisory, and Chair of the North American Board of the IIA. “It's a chance to gain insights into the latest trends and challenges facing the profession, while also exploring solutions and strategies to overcome them."

Here are just a few of the reasons you won’t want to miss this year’s conference, taking place March 11-13 in Las Vegas:

Expand your network

One of the most valuable aspects of attending GAM is the chance to cultivate your professional network. Face-to-face interactions are still unparalleled in building lasting relationships, and GAM provides ample space for these to flourish.

Introduce yourself to the person next to you in a session, strike up a conversation during a networking break, or attend one of the many fun evening events – every interaction has the potential to spark a meaningful connection and open doors for future collaborations.

Understand the new Global Internal Audit Standards

The recent release of the Global Internal Audit Standards has undoubtedly impacted the internal audit landscape. Understanding these standards and their potential implications for quality assessments is crucial for every internal audit function.

Gain expert insights into these new standards so you can approach implementation with confidence and identify any areas in need of an adjustment before rolling out the standards in your organization.

Explore emerging technologies and software

The internal audit profession is constantly evolving, which means staying informed about emerging technologies is vital for success.

At GAM, you'll have the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in AI and other cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of internal audit.

Additionally, the conference provides a platform for evaluating software solutions designed to streamline your audit and risk processes. Identifying tools that enhance efficiency and effectiveness can significantly elevate your performance and help you to excel in your role.

Evaluate the state of the internal audit profession

The past year has witnessed significant positive developments within the realm of internal audit. At GAM, participants and presenters will delve into some of those changes and the collective progress made across the profession. The event will also showcase strategies that can propel internal audit forward and highlight the value it brings to organizations across various sectors.

Stay ahead of auditing and risk management trends

GAM extends beyond traditional conference presentations by offering dedicated learning sessions that will equip you with practical knowledge and skills to help your career flourish. Members of the Diligent team will be exploring some of the key trends driving best practices today, particularly as AI becomes ever more critical to informed decision-making:

  • Using purpose-built technology to optimize operational risk assessments: Insights derived from your risk manager can be used to inform not only your individual audits but also your annual risk assessment, ensuring that you create audits assessing the highest risks with the most impact for your organization. A strong risk manager can also inform your ERM program by enabling the risk owners to use the same tool to conduct their internal risk work.
  • Grasp the foundations of AI-driven risk assessment: Explore the fundamental principles of risk assessment within internal audits and identify key components and variables that are enhanced by the application of artificial intelligence.
  • Uncover the potential of AI analytics in risk management: Explore the transformative impact of AI analytics on traditional risk assessment methodologies and learn how advanced AI techniques can elevate the accuracy, speed and efficiency of risk identification processes.
  • Learn how to leverage AI for informed decision-making: Understand the role of AI-driven insights in making informed decisions during risk assessments and learn how to harness AI algorithms to extract meaningful information from diverse data sources.

Make connections beyond the conference room

GAM isn't just about learning — it's about fostering connections with your peers in a fun and relaxed setting.

The conference will boast an array of evening events and receptions, from sponsor dinners to a unique cocktail reception at a speakeasy-style barber shop. (Find more details and RSVP here!)

These social gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow internal auditors, share experiences and build lasting friendships, all while enjoying good company and fostering a sense of community within the profession.

Register today for GAM 2024

So what are you waiting for? Register today to join Diligent online or in Las Vegas for three days of networking, knowledge-sharing and professional development.


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