Creating a safe and transparent AI governance framework for local government

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform local government for the better — from automating repetitive tasks, generating document templates, drafting press releases and speeches, summarizing lengthy investigative reports, even crafting engaging social media posts.

Yet AI raises many questions: How do you manage AI in the organization and put guardrails around its output on public-facing documents? How do you protect sensitive data from becoming fodder for public algorithms? And how do you use AI in a responsible way that advances equity and enhances the overall citizen experience?

To realize AI's promise, it must be used safely and ethically. That's where AI governance can help ensure that the systems you use, and the ways you use them, align with your district or municipality's goals and uphold ethical principles like transparency, accountability and respect.

In this guide to safe and transparent AI governance, you'll learn how to build your own AI governance framework, with tips for:

  • Applying research to see how AI can transform "business as usual" for your organization
  • Bringing council members and staff up to speed on AI tools and responsible use
  • Streamlining your AI policy management efforts with specialized governance solutions

Download this free guide today to start turning AI challenges into opportunities.


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