Unlock efficient, transparent agenda and meeting management for local government

As a local government leader, you're no stranger to the rapid changes and growing demands in the public sector. Local governments are the heart of communities, making decisions that directly impact citizens' lives. Your board plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of your community. But with shortened timelines and increasing expectations for transparency and community engagement, it's crucial to have the right tools at your disposal.

Why is efficient agenda and meeting management essential for local government? There are several reasons:

Transparency: Once the agenda is published online, there is greater awareness in the community and beyond. Additionally, community members can choose to be informed about upcoming board meetings. Your public website becomes the single source of truth, and livestreaming helps build trust and offers great accessibility.

As Ian Dudla, Chief Administration Officer at the Municipality of Resolute Bay, puts it, "We have community members subscribing to the new service so that they are informed when the next council meeting will take place."

Community engagement: Well-managed meetings encourage community engagement. Stakeholders need to know when meetings are happening, what topics will be discussed, and how they can attend or provide input.

Efficiency: Efficient meetings help save time and resources, ensuring that important decisions are made in a timely manner.

Accountability: The public expects clear communication and transparency from local government officials. Effective agenda management holds decision-makers accountable.

Our buyer’s guide breaks down key evaluation criteria when searching for the right board management solution, as well as tips for the buying process:

  • Learn about the best practices for board management software tailored to local government’s unique needs.
  • Understand the key features that your board management software should possess.
  • Discover the qualities and attributes to consider when selecting the right vendor or partner for your board management needs.

Are you ready to transform your board operations for the better? Download our comprehensive buyer's guide to board management software now and make the best decision for your organization. It's time to enhance governance, improve communication and foster shared success.

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