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Louisiana Department of Corrections' 2 auditors can do the work of 10

October 31, 2023

The Louisiana Department of Corrections audit department is a small team responsible for auditing everything related to corrections. Jewell Freeman, Chief Audit Executive and a 2023 Modern Governance 100 honoree, found herself frustrated with a series of paper-based, outmoded legacy systems that could not talk to each other.

Using Diligent, Freeman was able to:

  • Build bridges between legacy systems
  • Centralize data with ACL Analytics into a single sandbox
  • Exponentially increase efficiency in auditing processes
  • Save valuable time for her staff

With Diligent, Freeman notes that her small auditing staff of two can get the same work done as a team of 10.

“Audits that used to take 11 months to do — we can do that in a month now,” said Freeman. “We run over 30 analytics with the push of a button. It’s literally done in minutes.”

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