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GCC mitigates risks with early detection

November 22, 2023

GCC is one of the leading producers of construction industry products. But with a small internal audit team, uncovering every potential risk was a challenge. 

Carlos Valverde, Executive Director of GCC’s internal audit function, lacked the people power needed to oversee his organization’s operations. Determined to stop risks from slipping through the cracks, Valverde turned to Diligent for the solution. 

By leveraging Diligent Audit, Valverde has:

  • Boosted productivity using automated workflows
  • Increased visibility through continuous monitoring
  • Reduced crime with early detection capabilities

His advice to those on the fence about investing in audit technology?

“Try it out. The journey with this technology will transform your process. It can help you make a quantum leap in the short term and get ahead quickly.”

To learn more about our software and how it has helped companies reduce time spent on reporting activities by up to 20-30%, download the Total Economic Impact™ of Diligent Audit report by Forrester Consulting.

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