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How CSL Limited streamlines entity management and enhances compliance

February 22, 2024

As a global biotechnology company and crucial partner to the global healthcare industry, CSL Limited faced the challenge of efficiently managing data for its many entities.

The existing system was underutilised, requiring manual gathering and updating of information across various entities. Finding relevant records was time-consuming and compliance efforts were hindered by a lack of real-time data.

But with Diligent Entities, CSL Limited transformed its entity management by centralising information and streamlining processes. The platform eliminated the need for manual paperwork, enabling easy access to real-time data on shares, directors and company statements, while the self-service element and e-filing with ASIC simplified repetitive tasks, providing immediate access to information and enhancing compliance procedures.

“I love that everyone is using it around the world, and we all can look at everything. We don't need to wait for someone to reply. We just go into Diligent and have a look, and it's there,” says Laura Schultz, EA to the CEO and System Specialist at CSL Limited.

Listen to Schultz’s story to learn how CSL Limited used Diligent Entities to:

  • Significantly reduce filing time by moving from manual paperwork to swift e-filing
  • Leverage real-time, accurate information to facilitate global audits and ensure compliance
  • Protect critical information with robust cybersecurity features, including audit history and single sign-on

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