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How Walker Corporation efficiently manages entity data while enhancing cybersecurity

February 22, 2024

Walker Corporation is one of Australia’s largest private development companies with a history spanning over 50 years. The company’s legacy is developing iconic, large-scale and award-winning developments.

However, with no efficient system for managing entity and subsidiary data, Walker Corporation encountered difficulties in accessibility and overall business efficiency.

Recognising the need for more than just document or records management, the company turned to Diligent to provide a comprehensive solution that not only met their requirements but also prioritised cybersecurity. The decision to adopt Diligent Entities was based on the solution’s secure cloud infrastructure and robust capabilities to efficiently manage the organisation’s extensive entity and subsidiary documents and data.

“The success that the product has had has been more than anyone ever anticipated... Diligent has become an integral part of Walker Corporation's information management strategy,” says Jazz Murgic, Knowledge & Compliance Manager at Walker Corporation.

Listen to Murgic’s story to learn how Walker Corporation used Diligent Entities to streamline corporate record management and improve their overall information management strategy.


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