Instantly identify shareholder activism

Monitor investors activist strategies and track the developments of current and historical campaigns. Easily analyze types of activism to reduce shareholder demands that move the market.

Image of Stay abreast of activist behavior

Stay abreast of activist behavior

Predict activist investors' future behavior by analyzing their global investment histories, tactics, and past performances. Craft a proactive response strategy. Gain insights on activism targets with intuitive issuer profiles and stay ahead with news and filing alerts, customized to keep you informed about the situations that matter most.

Image of Better understand ESG demands  from the lens of the shareholder

Better understand ESG demands from the lens of the shareholder

Stay on top of environmental, social and governance activist campaigns to inform company ESG strategy and better understand shareholder expectations.

Image of Get exclusive access to activist expertise

Get exclusive access to activist expertise

Stay informed with the most comprehensive dedicated activism news service available, written exclusively by our team of in-house journalists. Read stories live daily, or digest them collectively with our daily news summaries and regional updates.

Image of Access activism short campaigns

Access activism short campaigns

Functionality ensures that users are the first to know of both new campaigns and subsequent developments that have the potential to significantly affect market value. Our expert team of researchers and journalists are optimally positioned to uncover and alert users to such development, guaranteeing they are ahead of peers in formulating a response.

We are committed to providing a robust and secure service that protects all our customers’ data.

Diligent’s Security Program is governed based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Diligent follows ISO/IEC 27001 standards to keep information assets secure by implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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