Big Society Capital

Andrew Aspital

Head of Operations, Big Society Capital
Big Society Capital

“Diligent has very quickly become our business as usual. COVID-19 brought forward the integration into our governance processes more quickly than we anticipated, but that turned out to be a good thing. Directors have simply had to embrace it and their feedback has been very positive.”

People sitting around a table

White Pine Charter School

“It was incredible. We have no words to tell you how awesome it was compared to what we were doing. It absolutely revolutionized our process."

Dropping liquid into a test tube

Anita Esa

Head of Group Risk Management
 DuoPharma Biotech

“We’re now doing more analysis, which leads to more excitement and education for my team, but most importantly, more strategy for the organization.”

Information security

Information Security Leader

Large US Technology Company

"Using Diligent’sHighBond platform, we developed a common controls framework that included more than 3,000+ global security certifications. Diligent’s unified platform allowed for a standardized set of controls and the ability for the organization to align controls with central policies and procedures.”

American Public Media HQ

Joann Cragoe

Executive Assistant to the President

“I didn’t realize how much of an impact the easy delivery of board materials would have.... We are a nonprofit company and we liked that BoardEffect [a Diligent brand] understands the needs of nonprofit organizations. That, and the fact that BoardEffect is fairly priced, really appealed to us.... It’s fantastic to get service right away from a live person when I have questions, and the help desk staff is helpful, knowledgeable and totally client-friendly.”

Four people sat down having a meeting

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity

"TE Connectivity’s third-party due diligence lifecycle (ABAC) was taking three times longer than necessary, stifling agility and preventing the company from achieving business deals in a timely manner. Six months after implementing the Diligent Third-Party Risk Management solution, TE Connectivity realized a 25% decrease in the time to onboard a third party. Within 12 months, the team added automated task reminders to stakeholders to their process, reducing the time taken for due diligence by 50%."

Grey Office Building

Fiona MacAulay

Senior Independent Director

"The Diligent Climate Leadership Certification programme is a thoughtfully curated and informative series of self guided materials that enable the individual to explore a number of different aspects that can affect their decisions in the board room"

Kingfisher office



Kingfisher is the world's third-largest home improvement retail group. Deputy Company Secretary David Morris details how they standardized and simplified the creation and distribution of board materials – and the benefits that came alongside that.

Sysco HQ



Sysco, the global leader in food and related products, operates in more than 320 facilities worldwide. The company needed a way to keep its North American and European subsidiaries in good standing at all times. Using Diligent Entities, Sysco can track, retrieve and report on data across the entire enterprise.

Educational Institution


“We worked together from the start to serve AICUP members, and BoardEffect offered a trifecta: [It's] well-priced, highly-functional and user-friendly for non-IT professionals.”

General Mills HQ

Ben Backberg

Senior Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary
General Mills

“Diligent Messenger has allowed us to centralize our board communications — and it’s instantaneous. When our board members get a notification, they know it’s important. It helps ensure important messages don’t get lost, and it provides us with another layer of protection knowing communications are being made on the securest platform available.”

TimeWarner Building



Time Warner built a culture of self-service, implemented significant time savings and embraced automation to take their operations to the next level.

Epiroc Mining



"Generating an internal audit report used to take up to four weeks after we finalized fieldwork. With HighBond, the report is done while we’re on-site.”

Foley Lardner Legal Research

Jeffrey A. Bois

Director of Research & Information Services

"Diligent Manzama analytics have allowed us to isolate trends in general manufacturing and then drill down to aspects of next-generation manufacturing. We can then aggregate and share intelligence targeted to specific industries.”

Young Female Scientist Working in a Lab

Anita Esa

Head of Group Risk Management
 DuoPharma Biotech

"We wanted a central spot for all our governance activities to make knowledge transfer quick and painless. And we wanted an overall view of the risk within the entire organization. HighBond delivered on both."

USPS Mail delivery trucks

Mitch Mertz

Manager, Data Analytics

"The platform is our window into business operations. And without that window, you don’t know what information is even available to you, so it’s impossible to effectively audit."

CRICO reception

Jermaine Joynes

Compliance Program Manager, CRICO

“Modern governance is a multi-pronged system. It really is largely information-based, about having good control over the information that’s being shared, and also about ensuring that the information is being maximized in its distribution, its accuracy and its security. Modern governance was a goal we had for a long time, but really needed the right tool to do so. We feel we found it with Diligent.”


Ross Surace

Senior Technology Partner, Head Office Functions

“Diligent has removed many, many thousands of pounds of cost from the organization, but it’s the experience that has really driven directors to make the right decisions.”

WEX Headquarters



Learn how this global multi-channel provider of corporate payment solutions empowered their directors and board administration team with a secure and accessible modern governance platform.

Woman staring out of an office building window

John Mathias

Sustainability Engineer, Babcock International
Babcock International

“Working with Diligent ESG has been a very pleasant experience. I now have all the reports I need for executive management, the business development team, investors and other stakeholders with just a few clicks. With the Diligent ESG dashboards and reports easily at hand, I have more time now to focus on projects that will deliver significant energy and cost reduction across the business.”

Bird & Bird Legal

Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird

Learn how this global firm ensured their remote workforce had secure access to the corporate records they needed for daily operations.

General Mills Headquarters

General Mills

General Mills

See how General Mills has improved the security of sensitive communications by centralizing board and leadership communication.

Sysco Headquarters

Carrie Tindal

Senior Paralegal, Corporate Governance & Entity Management

“I can see information that we couldn’t really see before unless we knew specifically which entity to go into. I’m able to do searches that I wasn’t able to do in the previous system, so it’s certainly made my life a lot easier. I feel more confident in our data and a lot more comfortable that the changes I’ve made are based on a good understanding of our data.”

Meeting at a table with a large image of the world map above them

Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf

"Diebold Nixdorf wanted to engage and encourage their employees around the world to have more healthy and meaningful interactions with their compliance and ethics department. Deploying Diligent’s Ethics and Compliance Training, the Diebold Nixdorf team had more opportunities to engage employees and received positive feedback that the courses they introduced were easier to understand."

Train from Southern Railway

Southern Railway

Southern Railway

See how Southern Railway streamlined meeting preparations and made critical information more accessible, saving time and increasing productivity along the way.

Alltech HQ



Alltech experienced many benefits after bringing on Diligent Entities, such as improved reporting, organization, security and group structure charting. "[Diligent] makes it easier to have one storage place for all of our documents,” says Pamela Sargent, a Corporate Compliance Manager with Alltech. "We also have policies and procedures for making change...in Entities so people know what steps need to be taken [and] who to contact." Learn how Alltech is able to achieve higher levels of governance with Diligent Entities.

Person making a cocktail


Campari Group

“By creating a single risk and control matrix of around 100 controls for each legal entity around the world, [with] 30 legal entities, we have established consistency in our controls and compliance reporting.”

Coca-Cola Bottle on a table

Dior Silo

Compliance, Data Intelligence, and Analytics Manager
Coca-Cola Bottlers Business Services

“I used to run the segregation of duties report in Excel. And it would take me about two days just to complete the report, because we’re working off very big files. With [ACL Analytics], I’m able to run the report in five minutes, and so I get two whole days back.”

Lonmin Energy



Learn how Lonmin’s globally distributed leadership team streamlined and secured governance communications through the use of technology.

Randstad Eschborn

Ronald Kliphuis

Global Head of Rewards, Randstad

"At Randstad, we are looking at the compensation policy on a continual basis and it's an important topic. Prior to the AGM, we want to fully understand how all our stakeholders look at compensation policy. [Now] we understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities a lot better."

Skyscraper Building

Rebecca Sheppard

Global Head of the Company Secretariat

“I think from a modern perspective, people expect there to be good corporate governance and in response to that expectation, we need to be able to demonstrate it. So having a tool like Diligent, where we can demonstrate that we know where everything is, we can access information really quickly, the directors have access to everything that they need, and in a time-sensitive way, it's a really useful tool to demonstrate that we are doing things properly.”

EDENS Denver

Mark Garside

Chief Financial Officer

“Diligent has helped simplify EDENS’ interactions with its private equity investors by centralizing all its board materials in one place. As a result, each stakeholder can access the information they need, including historical documents, which streamlines directors’ work and contributes to greater transparency."

Gulf Insurance Group

Gulf Insurance Group

Gulf Insurance Group

“Continuous auditing could save 40% to 60% of the time wasted in audits waiting for auditees to prepare data, verify data accuracy, preparing reports, getting responses, etc.”


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