Diligent Launches AI-Powered Benchmarking in Board Reporting for ESG

Diligent AI empowers organizations to gain insights while accelerating workflows, increasing efficiency and ensuring a higher level of accuracy

New York, July 31, 2023 –– Diligent, a leading GRC SaaS company, today announced the launch of AI-powered benchmarking within Board Reporting for ESG, delivering greater sustainability report analysis to boards and executives. Diligent AI utilizes a trained large language model (LLM) to analyze thousands of sustainability disclosure reports filed by publicly listed companies helping customers instantly understand how their organization’s focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) topics compares to industry peers, as well as identify industry standards in reporting and emerging ESG trends.

“We’re thrilled to add the power of AI to our market-leading solutions,” said Adam Bailey, SVP and Global Head of Product at Diligent. “We have seen significant demand from our customers looking to leverage AI to drive efficiencies and mitigate risk. This is especially true of ESG, where analyzing a wealth of public information is an essential, but time-consuming task. AI-powered benchmarking in Board Reporting for ESG will provide intelligent insights, while saving time and resources.”

The pre-trained model analyzes twenty-six categories across ESG, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, customer privacy, supply chain management, business ethics and employee health and safety. This provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of how they benchmark against ESG standards. As a result, ESG professionals will save hours typically spent reading and analyzing sustainability reports. In addition, the board will benefit from actionable insights surfaced through Diligent’s ESG board reporting dashboard, alongside ESG sentiment scores, providing a clear view of how a company's ESG strategy measures against industry peers.

"At Diligent, we are constantly innovating our solutions to help organizations stay ahead of the curve,” said Satheesh Ravala, Chief Technology Officer at Diligent. “AI has enormous potential to strengthen GRC programs by helping organizations realize significant time savings and deliver intelligent insights. Now, starting with AI-powered benchmarking, customers can tap into the benefits of AI within the world’s most trusted and secure GRC platform.”

To learn more about how to leverage AI to gain actionable ESG insights, visit Diligent’s Board Reporting for ESG toolkit.

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