ESG in 2022: Our Progress
When it comes to ESG, words are nothing without action. In 2022, we began the journey of translating our commitments into tangible, measurable processes.

We’ve recorded our progress in our first Social Impact and Sustainability report, available to read now.

Recognizing that our greatest value comes from the success of our teams, our ESG strategy prioritizes the PEOPLE Pillar to ensure not only the success of our company, but on the development and diversity of our team and the communities around us. Building better sustainability habits and championing social causes that impact our communities starts with empowering and supporting our employees across the globe.

To continue to enhance the communities that we live and work in, Diligent is exploring a corporate cause to champion with a long-term measurable impact goal that we’ll share in 2024.

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The climate crisis threatens not only the global economy, but our entire way of life. Organizations like Diligent have an important role to play. That’s why we’ve committed to reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040.

But our Net Zero pledge is only one piece of our larger global strategy. The PLANET Pillar of Diligent’s ESG program encompasses the company’s commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, promoting sustainability and contributing to a more sustainable future.

We’ll be implementing changes and initiatives over the coming years to create “A Greener Diligent” suite of programming. Our goals are ambitious, but our roadmap to success outlined in our Social Impact and Sustainability Report builds on our efforts over time.


We are committed to developing and improving processes that enable good governance, ensure accountability and transparency, and embed ESG across the business. Our technology enables some of the world’s largest organizations to make better decisions for stronger governance. By maintaining a strong corporate PURPOSE, we practice good governance by integrating and embedding ESG considerations including diversity into our decision-making from the top all the way down.

We aim to achieve that with a robust goal and policy governance process to establish achievable yet ambitious KPIs, standardized definitions, tracking and reporting mechanisms, and internal controls.

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Our ESG Journey

Throughout 2022 and into 2023, Faiza Asifuddin, our Director of ESG & Sustainability, authored a series of blog posts mapping our progress as we translated our ESG commitments into discernible, actionable steps.

From deciding on our central pillars to compiling and recording data to putting goals in place, we recorded our ESG journey as a guide for others about to embark on the same process.


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