A Comprehensive Solution for Good Governance Oversight

Access Over 6,000 Public Company Profiles & Records
Benchmark against competitors and stay up-to-date with industry standards
Trusted by Institutional Investors
Our insights are used by investors managing $40 trillion in assets in to inform their votes
Intuitive & Easy to Use 
Search industry disclosure narratives on key governance topics including executive compensation and ESG practices
Prove Proficiency to Shareholders
Improve shareholder engagement by anticipating and meeting their expectations.
  • Anticipate governance issues from executive compensation to ESG before your AGM, with access to insights from leading proxy advisor Glass Lewis
  • Proactively develop and sustain a robust strategy for better governance oversight across key areas including diversity, executive compensation, cyber security, board effectiveness and ESG
Benchmark Against the Best

Stay up-to-date with rapidly changing standards by comparing your governance practices against over 6,000 public company profiles

  • Easily search and compare a variety of company disclosures, from SEC filings to ESG reports and press releases, using customizable search settings and filters
  • Gain insights on peer board effectiveness, financial performance, executive pay and more
  • Set up and receive alerts on key governance movements and changes in your industry
Accurately Measure Executive Compensation Against Your Peers

Gain exclusive access to Glass Lewis insights for comprehensive executive compensation analysis and insight

  • Create your own peer groups and perform an in-depth pay-for-performance analysis to determine whether your executive compensation is competitive
  • Access Glass Lewis' peer group analysis and voting recommendations
  • Model executive compensation plans in line with Glass Lewis ratings in advance of your AGM to gain investor support
Proactively Manage Your Organization’s Reputation

Gain a better understanding of your organization’s reputation, driving you to make more effective decisions going forward.

  • Benefit from a comprehensive external and internal review of your organization’s ESG posture over time
  • Benchmark your findings against industry peers to justify critical business decisions
  • Effectively deploy internal and external PR strategies to manage and steer external conversations, mitigating negative press

Transform Your Board Oversight & Operations

Only Diligent delivers the power of multi-disciplinary board solutions in one unified platform.

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