Controversial Board Topics: Stakeholders, Liability & Combined CEO-Chair

Inside Americas Boardrooms
Today's boards are tackling some hefty topics touching on everything from board governance to societal impact. New pressures from stakeholders and investors are forcing boards to revisit their purpose for existing, while recent Delaware Court cases are setting new standards for board liability.

In this episode, host TK Kerstetter welcomes back regular guests Paul Washington, Executive Director, Environmental, Social and Governance Center for The Conference Board and former Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Warner Media Group, and Doug Chia, President of Soundboard Governance, former Executive Director for The Conference Board Corporate Governance Center, and former Corporate Secretary of Johnson & Johnson, to tackle three thorny topics:

  • Following Business Roundtable discussions, will CEOs use ''company purpose'' and stakeholder governance as a shield? What's the key to integrating sustainability thinking into boardroom discussions, company strategy, and compensation plans?
  • PwC's 2019 Annual Corporate Directors Survey indicated that more board members feel uncomfortable expressing dissenting opinions when the CEO and chair roles are combined (a difference of 16 percentage points). Is this the first statistical argument for separate CEO-chair roles?
  • What's the key takeaway from the recent Delaware Supreme Court case involving the Blue Bell Creameries, Inc. board of directors?