Investors Panel on Board Performance (Part 2)

Inside America's Boardrooms
What do investors want from a board of directors? Much is written on this topic, yet rarely do we get the opportunity to hear directly from the people who vote or influence the vote of shareholder proxies.

Inside America's Boardrooms now brings you the 2nd edition of the Board Performance Review panel series, a platform that allows investors and proxy advisors (representing trillions of dollars and hundreds of millions of votes) to express how they feel about the current board governance environment and the progress they've seen. Click here to see Part 1.


Host TK Kerstetter probes the Vanguard Group, Glass Lewis and Trian Partners for their candid responses during this live audience session. Questions and topics discussed include:

  • Q: What are boards doing well? Where do they still need to improve? Panelists weigh in on board communication, composition, disclosures, and compensation. Garden focuses his discussion on strategy and operations, offering both good and bad examples.
  • Q: What expectations do Vanguard and Glass Lewis have surrounding shareholder engagement? Booraem and McCormick describe the best board engagements they've experienced.
  • Q: What is the integrity of today's board disclosures? How insightful or effective are board disclosures to today's institutional investors and proxy advisors?
  • Q: Looking into the future, what should boards expect on the road ahead? Panelists foreshadow an ownership mentality that's on the rise among boards, as well as trends in board composition that are beginning to mirror the private equity model.

This live audience session sets a new benchmark in understanding today's large and sometimes active investors. Don't miss our first edition of the Board Performance Review series.