How to Best Approach Global Entity Management

Take a quick look at some of the definitions that appear in an online search for the phrase “define global entity management systems.”  The first thing you’ll probably notice is the number of companies vying for your business, offering their solutions to this thorny subject. But dig a little deeper, open a couple of these articles, and soon you’ll find language like this: complicated, overwhelming, time-consuming, multi-tiered, vital, crucial and important. Then, you might find a phrase that, while well intentioned, is probably a little off the mark. Entity management, one author claims, “is often referred to as entity housekeeping.”  While I don’t doubt that the author is right, I do think that the phrase might knowingly or unknowingly undervalue the importance of the entity management endeavor.

In the context of the business environment, one can imagine the term “housekeeping” having a whiff of condescension about it. It is not, after all, sales, nor is it exactly management. It is the behind-the-scenes work, the stagehands’ work that makes the show go smoothly, not the star that draws the crowds. It is the spouse who keeps an immaculate home, not the spouse who leaves that home for the office each day.

Placed in another context, however, the process of entity management is precisely what keeps the business going. It may not be the net that catches the biggest fish, but it is the constant day-to-day maintenance that keeps the boat afloat during rough seas. It is a careful eye on the details that matter, from contacts to contracts and everything in between. Simply put, it is the infrastructure that allows the business to operate efficiently, cleanly, legally; this is the work that keeps all organizations from straying into trouble. Like housekeeping, when done well, you don’t even notice it.

The Importance of Global Entity Management

But aside from its importance, what can we say about it, or more to the point, how can we help you do it?  At its core, global entity management involves the coordination and maintenance of all company contacts, policies, processes and regulations. This overarching job description breaks down into four key areas of responsibility:

1) Maintaining up-to-date records on the fiduciary, regulatory and statutory responsibilities of each business entity in the corporation and its directors, officers, managers and partners.

2) Acting as an advisor to the board, management and committees on matters of corporate governance.

3) Actively maintaining and managing the corporate record to support all transactions, filings, reports and audits.

4) Providing secure access to the corporate record to support both internal business needs and external requirements.

Blueprint OneWorld can help you keep on top of all of these tasks, allowing your company to evolve and grow.

The Power of Global Entity Management Software

Typically, entity management systems include Core Identity Information entries for each entity, including the exact legal names of entities; their dates of formation; federal, state and local ID numbers; registered agent names and addresses; and the owner or manager information. Our document management and data management resources help you maintain your organization’s vital information in one centralized, secure location. Documents can be attached to particular entities, and only accessed by users with appropriate security credentials, keeping your information safe at all times. This system also provides a centrally managed “check in and check out” system for sensitive material, ensuring that you know how information spreads across your organization.

Blueprint OneWorld’s data management allows corporate secretaries to synchronize data from across departments, making it easily accessible to board members and management at a moment’s notice. This system ensures that all changes to the record are accurately recorded and logged for later reporting purposes.

Both our data management and document management systems have built-in auditing features, so that you can monitor how and why information and documents are being used by your company. This same level of security and assurance is what drives our automated filing and reporting systems. Blueprint OneWorld enables corporate secretaries to file and track large numbers of global statutory forms, thus avoiding the time-consuming and mistake-prone process of manual filing. We provide easy-to-understand electronic filing for the most common forms used by UK Companies House, Ireland’s CRO, Australia’s ASIC, and all necessary documentation for the US, particularly for filing in Delaware. In addition, the easy reporting software, ReportIt, makes visualizing information incredibly easy. With ReportIt, you can create professional graphic and interactive reports customized to your corporate data.

As changes to the regulatory environment occur that might affect contracts, policies or processes, Blueprint OneWorld’s Alert systems help you maintain legal compliance and avoid costly and unwanted penalties. Blueprint’s compliance diary automatically sends email reminders to all of the appropriate actors within your organization in advance of a compliance due date or regulatory change. This gives you both peace of mind and complete control over your company’s data.

In addition to our advanced software solutions, Blueprint OneWorld offers expert implementation services that work to provide you with maximum support and integration assistance while causing the minimum possible disruption to your workflow.

Blueprint OneWorld has options available for hosting your data securely and responsibly, maintaining continual updates and providing the best security available. We are fully committed to meeting the highest international standards of data security. If you choose to host your data yourself, that’s no problem. We can still work with you to ensure that you have a centralized, secure and compliant system in place for your company’s needs.

Why Blueprint OneWorld

From top to bottom, Blueprint OneWorld can meet all of your global entity management needs. Blueprint OneWorld can provide you with the assurance, expertise and security your company requires to thrive and grow. Have more questions?  Contact a Blueprint representative today.