Just What is the Corporate Director's Job? A Proxy Advisor Perspective

Inside Australias Boardrooms
At the core of many corporate governance debates is a simple question: Just what is the corporate director's job? Different stakeholder groups tend to have very different expectations for board members, which makes this fundamental question rather difficult to answer.

The Conference Board has launched a new series aimed at defining the corporate director's role through the eyes of these various stakeholders-proxy advisors, activists, hedge funds, Delaware bench and bar, etc.-to find common threads and identify gaps in stakeholder dialogue.

[blockquote source="Doug Chia, Executive Director, The Conference Board Governance Center"]If you are going to debate who the directors should be �- and what kind of parameters there should be around it �- you really have to ask yourself... What are these people suppose to be doing? What are we expecting from them in the first place?[/blockquote]

In this episode, Doug Chia, Executive Director of The Conference Board Governance Center, discusses highlights from Part 1 of the series, which focuses on proxy advisors. How do proxy advisory firms view the role of the board as they develop their policies?

As Chia discusses, Part 1 has already sparked much debate among these stakeholder groups. Tune in to hit the high points of The Conference Board's latest education series and see what's next.