Our Commitment
to ESG

As a leader in modern governance, Diligent helps companies around the world uphold their ESG (environment, social, governance) commitments.

In part, we assist companies by providing cutting-edge digital solutions to ESG challenges, producing insightful ESG thought leadership content, and convening corporate leaders for meaningful discussions about ESG issues.

Our commitment to ESG

As the leader in modern governance, we help organizations around the world meet their environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

And as a responsible organization, we have our own ESG commitments, because we owe it to the next generation.

Our ESG program is built upon three central pillars: People, Planet & Purpose.



A company is nothing without the community around it. We give back to our employees, customers, communities and society through:

  • Community service: We encourage our team members to actively engage in volunteer activities. With our Diligent Global Day of Service, we organize volunteer events in the communities where our teams live and work.
  • Sponsoring change: We invest in social causes that increase racial and gender diversity in corporate leadership among other social impact causes that our employees care about.
  • Cutting-edge research: Through the Diligent Institute, we produce research on the most pressing matters across ESG, executive compensation and corporate governance, and we make our findings available for free to the public.



The climate crisis threatens not only the global economy, but our entire way of life. Organizations like Diligent have an important role to play. That’s why we’ve committed to reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040.

Our specialist ESG team is helping us meet that commitment by coordinating efforts across our global Diligent facilities, operations and supply chains. We still have work to do, but already four of our six regional headquarters across the globe meet LEED standards. We’ll continue to share progress against this goal along with our other sustainability efforts.



Our technology enables some of the world’s largest organizations to make better decisions for stronger governance. By ensuring accountability and transparency at Diligent, we walk the walk just as well as we talk the talk.

As a partner with the World Economic Forum (WEF), we are committed to implementing the WEF International Business Council’s “Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism” ESG metrics. In combination with other reporting frameworks like SASB, GRI and TCFD, we track metrics, monitor and mitigate risks, and report our progress back to our community using our own solutions.

By maintaining a strong corporate purpose, we practice good governance by integrating and embedding ESG considerations including diversity into our decision-making from the top all the way down. We regularly review our executive compensation plans and ensure that measurable ESG targets are set company wide.

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