Are you ready to comply with the US Corporate Transparency Act? Diligent Entities will get you there.

The US Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is the latest regulatory change for entity compliance, with more filing requirements to come in 2025. Even before this, a quarter of businesses had an entity out of good standing in the last 24 months – risking reputational damage, costly fines, business stoppage and lost M&A deals. ​

With the CTA, you can’t ignore entity management operations anymore. You need to do more with fewer resources and have less room for error – and you need a technology solution that can support you.​

Diligent Entities helps companies save time and money by turning entity management from a complex compliance chore into an easy-to-manage strategic advantage.

Image of What is the Corporate Transparency Act and what are its reporting requirements?

What is the Corporate Transparency Act and what are its reporting requirements?

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) came into effect January 1, 2024, representing a significant milestone in enhancing corporate transparency and combating illicit financial activities.

Read our article where we delve into:

  • What the Corporate Transparency Act is and who it applies to
  • Corporate Transparency Act reporting requirements
  • How to file with the CTA, reporting deadlines and penalties for noncompliance
  • CTA reporting challenges and how to overcome them
Read more about the CTA
Image of Why the CTA is a call to action for centralized entity management

Why the CTA is a call to action for centralized entity management

The time is now to take entity management to the next level—or at least migrate it away from disconnected spreadsheets and paper processes.

Learn more about

  • what legal teams need to know about the CTA,
  • why BOI reporting is bringing big complications,
  • why scattered spreadsheets aren’t up to the challenge,
  • and how the right technology can help to up your entity management game.
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Image of Are you ready for the U.S. Corporate Transparency Act?

Are you ready for the U.S. Corporate Transparency Act?

Register and watch the replay of our webinar with colleagues from PwC joining Diligent for an informative deep dive, where you can learn how to:

  • Prepare your team for the key changes and implications of the CTA
  • Understand the new filing and reporting deadlines
  • Stay up to date with recent court rulings impacting CTA implementation
  • Use Diligent Entities to streamline your governance processes and make compliance easy
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A streamlined & secure entity management system

Improve your operational efficiency with a centralized corporate record of critical business information. Diligent Entities alleviates administrative burdens and supports regulatory compliance across global jurisdictions.

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Mere weeks after the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) went live and corporations started reporting beneficial ownership data, a U.S. District judge in Alabama ruled the act unconstitutional.
Does this mean the end of beneficial ownership reporting and that corporations can decrease their focus on this area?

Far from it. Here’s our view of the landscape and what we recommend for general counsel, chief legal officers, paralegals and legal operations.

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What is entity management, and how can you streamline your organization’s approach?

Entity management is a complex system that involves many people and processes for each entity. But the complexity is precisely why many corporations fall down on the job when it comes to managing all aspects of the corporation and its entities, sometimes getting themselves into trouble with compliance matters. Read this article to help you better understand entity management and how it can position you to prevent costly compliance missteps.

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Entity management software buyer’s guide

In this buyer’s guide, you will learn:

✔ The core benefits of entity management software for your business

✔ Essential elements to look for in an entity management software

✔ The importance of partnering with a vendor that shares your commitment to governance

✔ Why integrated data management and high-level security should be non-negotiables
…and much more.

Download the guide

Talk to our governance experts

Diligent Entities makes CTA compliance easier. Schedule a demo today to see it in action.

Learn more about how a centralized entity management system can help, streamlining the task of gathering and verifying information, updating it as needed, maintaining data accuracy and meeting filing deadlines.


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