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Elevate 2024: Integrating ESG into your GRC strategy

June 7, 2024
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ESG professionals networking at Elevate 2024

From September 8 to 11 in Houston, Texas, Diligent Elevate 2024 is set to be a pivotal gathering for professionals at the intersection of ESG and GRC. This event is an essential platform for those committed to integrating ESG principles into the core of their GRC strategies.

Whether you're keen to explore the latest ESG reporting tools, understand the nuances of sustainable governance or engage in deep dives into ESG integration and compliance, Diligent Elevate 2024 is your gateway to excelling in these critical areas.

Our agenda is thoughtfully designed with a series of breakout sessions focused on ESG themes. These sessions are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to drive ESG initiatives within your organization and utilize your Diligent technology even more effectively.

Don't miss the chance to earn continuing education credits and build important relationships with colleagues. Check out our amazing agenda, then secure your spot and get ready to be motivated by top industry experts. You'll discover crucial insights and learn how to maximize the benefits of Diligent's product features for you and your team.

Find out about the other 60+ sessions taking place at Elevate 2024 by viewing the full agenda, and register for the event here.

Elevate 2024 ESG sessions

Unlocking ESG success: The power of compliance teams

Breakout session — Compliance teams are sometimes typecast as box checkers and process police, having little to do with corporate ESG programs. But in reality, compliance professionals are key to running successful ESG initiatives. Join us for an exploration of the role compliance teams play in successful ESG programs, how these roles are evolving and how compliance leaders can stay ahead of the curve.

Embedding ESG: A new frontier for audit, risk and compliance teams

Breakout session — Just as cost accounting before it, sustainability has grown to play a crucial role across departments. More than simply a question of reporting, ESG should be embedded in the workflows of risk, audit and compliance teams. This is no simple task. Join us for a discussion of what’s possible with embedded ESG.

ESG: From cost center to value creator

Breakout session — ESG is often seen as a cost center with professionals required to make the case for their budgets regardless of how vital their work is to the company. Using creative thinking, however, you can not only convey the value of ESG to other departments, but potentially turn the ESG department into a source of additional value for the company.

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Defensible disclosures: Aligning boards, audit and ESG

Breakout session — Boards and audit teams play a greater role in sustainability oversight and reporting than ever, working closely to create accurate and defensible disclosures. Explore best practices these teams can follow to get — and stay — aligned and make meaningful, defensible disclosures.

Mitigate shareholder risk & control your proxy narrative: ESG, cyber, executive compensation & beyond

Breakout session — Governance professionals are navigating shareholder risk from a multitude of angles with new disclosure requirements demanding transparency on ESG, cyber and executive compensation — not to mention the universal proxy card holding each board seat accountable. With activism on the rise, proxy season is putting companies under the microscope in new ways that demand a fresh approach to shareholder engagement and owning your proxy narrative. Join our expert panel to hear trends from the recently wrapped proxy season and how companies are using benchmarking to enable confidence in their disclosures.

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