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Diligent Master Class for IT Risk Management

September 28, 2023
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Diligent Master Class for IT Risk Management

The Master Class for IT Risk Management provides actionable insights and frameworks for CISOs and security professionals guiding their organizations through a rapidly evolving risk management landscape.

Designed with input from global CISO and frequent board advisor Ash Hunt, this Master Class from Diligent enables today's technology and security leaders to more effectively manage risk and improve their interactions with the board.

Course overview

Dive into these expert-led courses to take your IT risk management skills to the next level:

Charting the evolution of technology risk management

In the first installment of our Master Class for IT Risk Management series, Hunt explores the evolution of technology risk management and how CISOs can ensure the accurate, testable and repeatable forecasting necessary for effective decision-making.

How to build a quantitative technology risk management system

How do organizations make sense of multifarious technology risk data? How do they know if they’ve captured all the necessary attributes to properly assess a technology risk? How do they know what is “enough data” to run an effective technology risk assessment? Hunt unpacks these questions and more, with tips for effectively articulating risks and collecting data to support better decision-making.

How information security professionals can better communicate risks to the board

In the third and final installment in this course, Hunt explores why technology and information security leaders should invest in communication skills and how they can learn to speak in financial-based terminology to access better business opportunities, engage with stakeholders, and build alignment between technical initiatives and business outcomes.

Ready to learn more?

To start putting these insights to work, download the Diligent Master Class for IT Risk Management Toolkit.

The tools and actionable guidance presented here will help you leverage decision science and formalize a risk model so you can reduce the challenges of unmeasured uncertainty.


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