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Building trust and resilience in the digital age

June 13, 2024
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Building trust and resilience in the digital age

When it comes to digital transformation, cybersecurity has now become a crucial enabler of business success, significantly influencing an organization's capacity for growth, resilience and reputation. The increasing sophistication of cyberthreats means that companies are under constant siege from well-resourced cybercriminals, resulting in substantial financial and reputational harm. Here, we provide a summary of last year's executive brief on risk and cyberresilience Cybersecurity as a business driver: The importance of reputation and resilience in cybersecurity.

To effectively address these challenges, organizations must transcend traditional, reactive cybersecurity measures and embrace a proactive strategy that integrates cybersecurity with their business goals. By doing so, they can achieve stronger revenue growth, secure market share and elevate customer satisfaction scores.

The price of inadequate cybersecurity is steep, with the average breach cost now at $4.2 million and cybercrime anticipated to generate a global financial impact surpassing $8 trillion this year. Investing in cybersecurity is not merely a cost center but a strategic move that can propel business growth and triumph.

The board of directors is pivotal in establishing robust cybersecurity governance. It is incumbent upon them to ensure that cybersecurity initiatives are adequately funded and that cybersecurity teams are empowered to adopt a proactive approach. By consistently addressing key questions such as the identification of critical assets, vulnerability assessments, understanding financial exposure and the establishment of long-term cybersecurity objectives, the board can foster a culture of cyber-resilience and trust within the organization.

Aligning cybersecurity with business objectives: A key to growth and resilience

Organizations that recognize cybersecurity as a strategic imperative and align their cybersecurity efforts with their overall business objectives are experiencing remarkable growth and resilience.

Far too many organizations still view cybersecurity as an IT expense, a necessary evil, rather than a strategic investment. This reactive approach leaves them ill-prepared to counter the evolving threatscape, leading to significant financial and reputational damage.

On the other hand, organizations that embrace a proactive stance on cybersecurity, integrating these efforts with their business goals, are realizing significant advantages. By viewing cybersecurity as a tool for business advancement, these organizations are experiencing heightened revenue growth, market share, and customer satisfaction scores.

Aligning cybersecurity with business objectives involves several key considerations:

  • Identifying critical assets: Recognizing and prioritizing the most valuable assets of the organization, such as sensitive customer data, intellectual property and critical infrastructure.
  • Assessing vulnerabilities: Conducting comprehensive assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in the organization's cybersecurity infrastructure, including technical vulnerabilities, human errors and supply chain risks.
  • Understanding financial exposure: Quantifying the potential financial impact of a cybersecurity breach, considering not only direct costs but also indirect costs such as reputational damage and loss of customer trust.
  • Setting long-term goals: Establishing a clear vision for the organization's cybersecurity posture, aligning it with the organization's strategic objectives and long-term growth plans.
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The board's role: Ensuring effective cybersecurity governance

The board of directors has a critical role to play in ensuring effective cybersecurity governance. Directors must insist on adequate funding for cybersecurity initiatives and empower cybersecurity teams to take a proactive stance. Regular exploration of key cybersecurity questions, such as those outlined above, is essential to building a culture of cyber-resilience and trust within the organization.

Cybersecurity is no longer a mere expense but a strategic investment that can propel growth and bolster resilience. By harmonizing cybersecurity initiatives with business goals and taking a proactive stance, organizations can significantly reduce cyber threats, safeguard their standing, and open doors to fresh prospects for triumph.

“Not only should we be looking at how IT risk and cyber risk intersect; we should be looking at how IT risk and cyber risk intersect with corporate business risk or enterprise risk.” Walt Powell, Field CISO, CDW

To read more on this and learn more practical tips, download our guide to Cybersecurity as a business driver: The importance of reputation and resilience in cybersecurity.

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