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Elevate 2024: Supporting global regulatory compliance and frameworks

June 12, 2024
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Elevate attendees entering into regulation and legislation breakout sessions.

From September 8 to 11 in Houston, Texas, Diligent Elevate 2024 (formerly Modern Governance Summit) serves as a pivotal gathering for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals aiming to level up in their fields. Elevate will showcase the latest innovations on the Diligent One Platform and deepen attendees' understanding of crucial regulatory changes and standards.

Whether you're interested in exploring the impact of AI in auditing, mastering third-party management or engaging in detailed discussions on the latest regulatory frameworks, such as the new Global Internal Audit Standards and the Corporate Transparency Act, Elevate 2024 is a can't-miss conference.

Our carefully curated agenda includes a wide variety of sessions with opportunities to earn continuing education credits and network with peers. Elevate 2024 is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself and your team for the challenges ahead. Below, you'll find a sample of the sessions focused on regulations, legislation and standards you can expect at this year's conference.

Find out about all the other 60+ sessions taking place at Elevate 2024 by viewing the full agenda, and register for the event here.

Regulation, legislation and standards sessions to expect at Elevate 2024

The new Global Internal Audit Standards: Why they matter to board members, corporate governance professionals and internal auditors

Breakout session — In January 2024, the IIA released the new Global Internal Audit Standards, set to take effect in January 2025. This update marks the most significant change since the introduction of the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). This session will provide an overview of these new standards, highlighting their importance to internal auditors, board members and corporate governance professionals.

The Corporate Transparency Act: Navigating key changes and implications

Breakout session — Multiple regulations mandating higher levels of corporate transparency are coming into effect globally in the coming year, including the Corporate Transparency Act in the US and ECCTA in Europe — and many companies are still working to understand how these rules impact them and what they need to do about it. Hear how companies are navigating these new regulations and how entity management technology helps mitigate regulatory risk.

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Third-party management: Best practices for compliance

Roundtable — Learn best practices for third-party risk and compliance management, hosted in a small format to welcome participant exchange.

Live & clear: Streamlining transparency and compliance with Diligent Community

Breakout session — Join local government and education leaders and administrators to hear how Diligent Community helps them to address the needs of their constituents. From improving accessibility to supporting engagement, panelists will share improvements in transparency and how these improvements have impacted the feedback they receive from stakeholders.

Defensible disclosures: Aligning boards, audit and ESG

Breakout session — Boards and audit teams play a greater role in sustainability oversight and reporting than ever, working closely to create accurate and defensible disclosures. Explore best practices these teams can follow to get — and stay — aligned and make meaningful, defensible disclosures.

Geopolitical dynamics & sanction strategies​

Breakout session — Join us for an in-depth discussion on the rise in new sanctions designations and enforcement amidst the ongoing conflicts. This session will explore the complexities of navigating these geopolitical dynamics to ensure compliance, resilience and good governance. Learn from experts about adapting your strategies to stay ahead of evolving regulations and mitigate risks in a volatile global landscape.

Let's not get sued: Proactive governance in the new era of Caremark

Breakout session — With recent high-profile cases out of the Delaware courts and increasingly litigious proxy fights within small cap public companies, the level of personal liability facing directors and officers of companies has never been higher. And the pressure on governance and legal professionals to mitigate these risks has increased commensurately as well. Learn from customers and legal professionals how they're implementing proactive governance practices to mitigate legal risk in this new era of Caremark standards.

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Entities training #1: A single source of truth to ensure compliance

Training — This session will cover how Entities can help you manage the many data points required to support new reporting and filing requirements for the Corporate Transparency Act, as well as other key data tracking and reporting like Know Your Customer (KYC), bank details and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO). Capabilities covered: CTA/ECCTA compliance and tracking critical data points like KYC, bank details and UBO.

Like what you see? Click here to view the full agenda.

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