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Grupo Senda accelerates the speed and efficiency of its audit department

November 22, 2023

As one of the largest transportation companies in Mexico, Grupo Senda prides itself on its ability to move fast. But its impressive speed often made it a struggle for the audit department to keep pace.

Overwhelmed with information, Arturo Jacobo, Director of Internal Audit, turned to Diligent for help managing the company’s data. 

Using ACL Analytics, Jacobo can now:

  • Identify errors and opportunities early on
  • Provide quantifiable evidence to support more informed decision-making
  • Save time and resources with automated workflows

“[Diligent] makes day-to-day life more efficient,” said Jacobo. “You have to generate value for the organization, and one way to generate value from information is to give quick results. Organizations are moving very fast; you need to be able to move that way as an auditor.”

To learn more about what an investment in Diligent Audit and ACL Analytics can do for your organization, check out our Total Economic Impact™ of Diligent Audit report by Forrester Consulting.

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