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Teachers Mutual Bank Limited: Growing the audit team’s impact at one of the world’s most ethical companies

April 24, 2024

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL) is one of the largest customer-owned banks in Australia, servicing over 234,000 members across the education, emergency services and healthcare sectors. TMBL’s purpose is to be a force for good, for those who do good.

Sara Nguyen, Chief Internal Auditor at TMBL, says her team found that traditional audit methods could not keep pace with today’s elevated business expectations, rapidly shifting business landscape and resources.

To continue supporting the organisation and help it stay true to its purpose, the internal audit team needed to evolve. They knew they had to move away from manual tasks and their heavy reliance on spreadsheets if they wanted to be more efficient and effective.

TMBL found its “all-encompassing solution” in Diligent products. The company adopted Diligent’s Audit Management and ACL Analytics solutions — part of the Diligent One Platform — to manage and optimise its internal audit practice. TMBL also employs Diligent Boards to streamline and secure its board and committee management.

The results?

With Diligent, the internal audit team is achieving its goal of being more efficient. Diligent’s tools help advance the bank’s automation aims, increasing efficiency and innovation. The TMBL audit team uses Diligent to gain better insights, formulate strategic advice for the organisation, improve transparency and collaboration, and foster better relationships between various stakeholders.

Download the full case study to learn more about how TMBL streamlined their audit processes and improved transparency and communication by implementing the Diligent One Platform.


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