Dyke Debrie

Managing Director at Steele


Dyke is the managing director at Steele, a Diligent brand. Diligent Corporation is the leader in modern governance providing SaaS solutions across governance, risk, compliance and ESG, with more than $500 million in revenue and a $7 billion company valuation. 

As the managing director of Steele, Dyke is responsible for growing the Steele P&L and executing on the combined strategic initiatives of the Diligent and Steele teams.

Dyke was previously the chief product and marketing officer at Steele and was responsible for overall product and go-to-market strategy. Prior to joining Steele, Dyke spent close to 20 years leading product and marketing teams within the HR technology market.

Dyke holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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