Transform your governance and risk management with AI-powered solutions

Leverage the power of AI to elevate your organization’s governance, risk and compliance. The AI capabilities of the Diligent One Platform give you more clarity—so you can better manage the risks that matter to your organization.

Drive more informed decision-making, build stronger resilience and ensure long-term success with Diligent AI.

700,000+ directors rely on AI-powered risk and data analytics from Diligent to make better decisions

Expand resource capabilities

Diligent AI expands the possibilities of automation. Create greater efficiencies for you and your team when examining changes in regulations and data.

Enhance decision-making

Make sense of information across siloed GRC functions. Confidently make decisions based on AI-powered analysis of internal and external risk factors.

Improve stakeholder communication

Leverage AI to translate key information to specific roles and functions — all while maintaining confidentiality and protecting sensitive data.

How Diligent safeguards generative AI use

Diligent AI principles are designed to meet the highest safety, security and ethical standards.

Only trained for your use

Your data is your own — and we keep it that way. What our AI learns from your data stays with you. Your data isn’t shared or mixed with others’ data.

Clearly labeled AI-generated content

You remain fully in control, so you can see at a glance what AI has generated — and what it hasn’t.

Always your choice

Before using AI with your data, we’ll always ask and ensure that you are intentionally opting in to receive the benefits. Read more on our trust site.

Diligent AI helps you anticipate, analyze and manage risk — so you have more certainty, greater clarity and better outcomes

Image of Review ESG and climate risk benchmarks

Review ESG and climate risk benchmarks

Our pre-trained AI model analyzes 26 categories across ESG and climate risk, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, customer privacy, supply chain management, business ethics and employee health and safety to provide your organizations with a comprehensive understanding of you benchmarks against ESG standards.

Image of Highlight key takeaways for each director

Highlight key takeaways for each director

Generate a customized summary for each directorwith Board Materials Summarization and Comparison. Instantly highlight relevant sections based on expertise and committee assignments, key updates from previous board books, action items, and sections that have been added or removed.

Image of Easily develop and run your own analytic scripts

Easily develop and run your own analytic scripts

Improve speed and accuracy by developing new AI scripts or optimizing existing ones – expanding your team's analytic capabilities. AI Script Assistant keeps information safe and protected in your environment. 

Image of Quickly respond to regulatory changes

Quickly respond to regulatory changes

Diligent AI can identify changes between two versions of the same regulation, categorizing them as significant, moderate, or minor, enabling you to efficiently update related policies, risk and controls.

Extensive AI-powered risk data and analytics — all in on place

Position your leaders for greater success with the Diligent One Platform. Give directors a consolidated view of risk across your entire organization. Empower better board collaboration, provide real-time intelligence and accelerate action — while eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Whether you’re moving off spreadsheets for the first time, or optimizing an enterprise risk management program, the Diligent One Platform scales to your needs.

Elevate your governance with AI

Let’s talk about

  • Expanded resource capabilities

  • Enhancing your decision-making

  • Improving stakeholder communication


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