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Evaluate Your Board’s Effectiveness

A successful organization is only as a good as the board behind it. How does your board measure up – and how does it compare to your peers? 

  • Instantly review and compare your board's composition and effectiveness against peers
  • Identify inefficiencies and preempt risks
  • Find and retain the best board talent

Benchmark your board with Compensation & Governance Intel from Diligent.

Diligent Executive Compensation Solutions
Access Board Effectiveness Insights

Competitive comparison tools allow you to instantly see and refine your board’s practices. Checking your health against regulatory norms and governance standards allows you to become the most effective board possible.

  • Take an in-depth looks at all aspects of your board – from composition to interlocks to skills shortages – and mitigate against future risks and exposures
  • Monitor your board effectiveness, helping other parties to see how the board operates and the progress it's making
  • Instantly review and compare your board’s composition and effectiveness against peers and corporate governance norms

Find the Right Talent

It’s critical to find and retain the right talent – before that talent finds somewhere else. A savvy addition to your board can make all the difference in terms of effectiveness and future success. Director Network makes that search easier.

  • Access hard-to-reach directors and find the simplest path to connect, with a broad global dataset of over 250,000 detailed executive biographies
  • Uncover and establish new relationships with C-level executives and business leaders
  • Drive greater diversity, optimize board composition and accelerate success with an extensive pipeline of diverse candidates
Diligent Executive Compensation Solutions
Diligent Board Management Solution
Diligent Board Management Solution
Diligent Executive Compensation Solutions
Plan for the Future

Identifying the next generation of talented board members is integral not only to board continuity but also to the continued success of your organization.

Access an extensive database to identify candidates for proactive succession planning. Monitor talent pools in advance, so you can reduce reliance on expensive headhunters.

Build Tomorrow’s Board Today
Benchmark your board and find the right candidates to create future success.
See Compensation & Governance Intel from Diligent in action.

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