Seamless, Secure Data Retrieval Across Business Units

Empower colleagues to pull information directly from a single source of truth when they need it – without needing to ask for it.
  • Centralise the corporate record into a secure resource individuals, teams and business units can access directly
  • Automatically generate curated newsletters based on custom topics, companies or industries
  • Integrate business-critical systems so data only needs to be updated once, instead of across multiple platforms

See how Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent promotes collaboration and self-sufficiency throughout your organisation. 

Rely on a Single Source of Truth

When colleagues know exactly where to retrieve or update data for the organisation, everyone saves time. Put all the essential elements necessary to manage organisational and entity data in one secure, accessible location.

  • Keep all valuable information securely in one place
  • Schedule, track and report on board and committee meetings across parents and subsidiaries, ensuring proper management, recording and compliance
  • Update data once – instead of multiple times in multiple platforms across the enterprise

Access Customised Reports, Dashboards & Newsletters

Free up personnel to focus on strategic initiatives by giving them access to the information they need, when they need it.

  • Provide custom dashboards and shareable reports so tax, M&A, finance, legal and other teams can see the corporate structure displays that best serve their needs
  • Utilise data libraries to organise key data and documents, and to see how entities connect to documents and tasks
  • Keep colleagues informed with automatic newsletters tailored to each team's business-critical information needs
Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

Take the tedium out of managing the entity lifecycle. Speed up and standardise entity change approvals. Easily route approval requests to the proper authority for timely sign-off.

If you’re not already automating key tasks and processes, now is the time to catch up.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration & Self-Service
Promote autonomy and self-sufficiency across the enterprise.
See Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent in action today.


Enabling Users to Access Corporate Data at Bird & Bird

Learn how this global firm ensured their remote workforce had secure access to the corporate records they needed for daily operations.

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Single Source of Truth
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Efficiency at Scale
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Strategic Growth
Position your company for mergers, acquisitions, expansion or divestiture by speeding up due diligence.

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