Do More With Less

Don’t let day-to-day entity and subsidiary management tasks slow you down.

  • Automate core processes including document creation, entity lifecycle management, reminders and alerts
  • Gain key insights into industry trends and corporate reputations
  • Free up valuable time to focus on more strategic business matters

See how Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent helps you operate more efficiently. 

Automate Administrative Tasks

Free skilled professionals from administrative work so they can focus on strategy. Operate efficiently at scale by automating time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks.

  • Save time and effort on data entry, document production and record-keeping
  • Electronically file regulatory forms
  • Standardise and accelerate entity change approvals
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate record updates across multiple systems

Stay Up to Speed

Today's organisations need to be more agile and plugged in than ever before. Stay tuned to the most current company, industry and competitor news by automating your business intelligence.

  • Keep up with the news and information that matters most by customising your own curated newsletters
  • Stay on top of breaking news about your company, competitors, industry and emerging regulations with tailored news alerts
  • Avoid legal issues by staying abreast of regulatory changes, allowing you to make timely corrections when needed
Automatically Monitor Registrations

Maintain data quality by automatically checking registrations. Avoid penalties or legal complications by ensuring that any misalignments between your records and public records are quickly corrected.

Company Health Check from Diligent integrates with Dun & Bradstreet’s database and contains over 30 million data points from over 400 sources.

Start Doing More With Less Today
Automation = efficiency. Reduce administrative burdens and operate efficiently at scale.
See Entity & Subsidiary Management from Diligent in action today.


Sysco Mitigates Risk With More Reliable Data

“I can see information that we couldn’t really see before unless we knew specifically which entity to go into. I’m able to do searches that I wasn’t able to do in the previous system, so it’s certainly made my life a lot easier. I feel more confident in our data and a lot more comfortable that the changes I’ve made are based on a good understanding of our data.”

Carrie Tindal

Senior Paralegal, Corporate Governance and Entity Management

Related Features

Single Source of Truth
Centralise your corporate record and rely on a single source of truth for entity, subsidiary and business unit information. 
Strategic Growth
Position your company for mergers, acquisitions, expansion or divestiture by speeding up due diligence.
Collaboration & Self Service
Streamline data delivery and retrieval, so users can access the information they need, when they need it.

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What Are the Catalysts Driving Automation in Entity Management?

Companies are increasingly realising that automating recurring and repetitive tasks will enable their governance teams to handle higher volumes of work with more accuracy. Not only that, but it will empower them to spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives – where to rationalise entities or enter new jurisdictions, potential mergers and acquisitions or when to launch an initial public offering (IPO).

Streamlining Entity Management through Integrations, AI and Automation

Taking the time to incorporate automation, systems integration and even AI into the way your governance team works can set off a cascade of positive change in your organisation. Just remember, this is a journey comprising several stages, each made up of made up of incremental steps in the right direction.

How to Achieve Global Growth at Scale

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