board & committee effectiveness

Manage Meetings More Easily

Don’t let inefficiencies, manual processes and version-control issues slow down your organization.

  • Digitize board books and meeting materials
  • Streamline the taking and sharing of minutes
  • Simplify board evaluations and questionnaires

Get everything you need for effective meetings in Board & Leadership Collaboration from Diligent.


Meet More Effectively

Run better board, committee and executive meetings, whether in person, virtual or a hybrid of the two.

  • Eliminate version-control issues through the digitization of board books
  • Seamlessly create and share agendas, assign actions and conduct resolutions and votes
  • Keep sensitive information secure before, during and after the meeting

Save Time on Minutes

Easily take, record, review and share minutes in a centralized, secure platform.

  • Collaborate on and review minutes in real time
  • Eliminate version-control issues by keeping minutes on a central platform
  • Keep confidential data secure by avoiding email or shared drives
Streamline Evaluations & Questionnaires

Save valuable time with simplified board evaluations and questionnaires.

  • Generate board assessments in just a few clicks, via an intuitive interface
  • Easily view past evaluations and questionnaires, and securely incorporate reference information
  • Access and export real-time, presentation-ready reports
Run Better Board & Leadership Meetings
Save time for boards, committees, executives and their administrators.
See Board & Leadership Collaboration from Diligent in action.

Credit Corporation Group PNG relies on Diligent for business
as usual governance during COVID-19

“The return on investment for Diligent  is clear. We have ten different companies within our three divisions. We have transitioned from hundreds of pages of printed Board packs to a secure communication platform on an iPad. Diligent  helps our Directors and executives find the information they are looking for more easily, and they know this is the correct version they need to be reviewing'."

Syd Yates, OBE

Group Chairman, Credit Corporation Group

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Secure Collaboration
Collaborate on sensitive materials via a secure channel and eliminate the privacy risks of email and text communication.  
Intelligence & Analytics
Make data-driven decisions and stay up to date with critical business matters with real-time information about your industry. 
Board Diversity
Build the best board possible. Spot new risks, manage compliance complexities and govern more effectively.
Modern ESG
Accelerate and improve the collection, monitoring and reporting of ESG standards, metrics and sustainability data. 

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