Webinar replay: 5 Governance Cyber Risks to Eliminate in 2023
As the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks continue to grow, the role of governance in cyber resilience is coming under increasing scrutiny from shareholders and regulators. Check out this webinar replay to hear from Diligent’s Curtis Duncan, Customer Success Manager and Daryn Duliba, Senior Client Executive as they review 5 steps forward-thinking governance professionals can take to eliminate unnecessary risks and help their organizations adopt a more resilient cybersecurity posture.
Do you have a plan to respond to cybersecurity threats?
As the number of cybersecurity incidents continues to rise, cybersecurity best practices for boards of directors are critically important. It’s not enough to put cybersecurity on the agenda: directors should have a practical understanding of the cybersecurity threats their organization faces and a plan in place to respond to them. Here are the top five cybersecurity best practices that your board should be using.

“We trust Diligent security. Obviously, the board meetings have extremely confidential and high-level information presented and discussed...We can be confident that only those who we want to see the information are seeing it.”

- IT manager, Chemicals 

Source: TrustRadius review of Diligent Boards

Ensure Compliance and Confidence for Your Organizations Document Approvals

Collecting signatures from legal counsel, executive teams and board members while working remote can be a challenge as individuals don’t have the option to hand over a pen and request a signature. Diligent Boards is integrated with DocuSign to make the request for digital signatures easier than ever. This feature enables providing approvals and signatures that impact imperative uses across industries, including:

  • Signing of contracts
  • Approval of meeting minutes
  • Unanimous written consents
  • Approval on financial transactions or grant approvals
Cut Costs and Risks with Diligent Boards

Companies that switched to Diligent’s board management solution saw the following benefits:

  • 50–60% time savings for board and committee material creation, leading to more than $62,000 in time savings over three years
  • More than 1,600 hours saved creating and distributing materials, 623 hours saved by internal IT support, over three years
  • Reduced risk of a breach through lost materials or compromised accounts, totaling nearly $21,000 in savings over three years
At no time does any of our material leave the secure portal.

“It shows up on your phone. It says, ‘You have a message,’ but it doesn’t send the sensitive data. So at no time does any of our material leave the secure portal. And that was our biggest concern.”

Tammy Wellcome
Corporate Governance Paralegal, American Water Works

In uncertain times, secure collaboration is crucial.

Diligent Board and Executive Collaboration tools can help ensure protected and efficient board meetings at your organization.