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Diligent Announces Cyber and Climate Disclosure Readiness Packages Designed to Help Organizations Meet SEC Reporting Requirements

New packages consolidate the software and certifications needed for organizations to be SEC disclosure-ready

New York, September 6, 2023 – Diligent, a leading GRC SaaS company, today announced new disclosure readiness packages for cyber and climate, to help organizations improve how they analyze and report on internal climate and cyber risk data, and enhance organizational knowledge of corresponding regulations. The new solutions packages will help boards, executives and practitioners drive compliance with the SEC’s new cybersecurity rules and upcoming climate disclosure rules.

“While absolutely necessary in today’s risk environment, these disclosures put pressure on boards and management to prove their oversight and expertise over climate- and cyber-related risks. It also means companies need to formalize how they collect, analyze and report on cyber and climate data,” said Adam Bailey, SVP and Global Head of Product at Diligent. "Having tools to manage everything from data collection to board reporting and education will help organizations stay prepared, while saving time and money.”

"In today's heightened regulatory environment, it's critical that companies have the necessary tools and education to enable their directors to provide effective oversight on relevant issues,” said Myrna Soto, Founder & CEO, Apogee Executive Advisors LLC and Board Member of Spirit Airlines, TriNet, Popular and CMS Energy. “With a short timeline in place for cyber disclosures and climate disclosures on the horizon, it is our imperative that directors be educated on these topics and what they mean for our organizations."

These packages are comprised of targeted solutions that will help set boards and executives up for success in navigating the preparedness behind these disclosures, including:

Cyber Disclosure Readiness Package:

  • Diligent IT Risk Management — Innovative software to help organizations mitigate risks like ransomware and data loss with automated tools that identify, assess, and remediate IT and cyber risks.
  • Board Reporting for Cyber Risk — A first-of-its-kind dashboard that enables executives to provide the board of directors a data-driven view of their organization’s cybersecurity posture, benchmarked against industry peers, in an easy-to-comprehend format.
  • Cyber Risk & Strategy Certificate — A self-paced e-learning certification geared to board directors and management, giving them the skills and knowledge to effectively govern enterprise-wide cyber risks.

Climate Disclosure Readiness Package:

  1. Diligent ESG — Carbon accounting software to help organizations collate their climate data and produce up to 80 pre-configured audit-ready reports, presenting a single source of truth for climate data and reporting.
  2. Board Reporting for ESG — A first-of-its-kind board dashboard that combines performance data with market intelligence to give a comprehensive view of an organization’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) posture, driving better board oversight of climate risk.
  3. Climate Leadership Certificate — A self-paced e-learning certification designed to help corporate directors and C-level executives be better equipped to oversee climate risk and strategy for their companies.

Learn more about the cyber and climate disclosure packages from Diligent here. And tune in to the “Embracing the new SEC cybersecurity disclosures: charting the course to December 2023” webinar on September 6, 2023, from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT.

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